cote noire brand logo

Cote Noire excels at observing current trends and expanding upon them, taking the best elements from around the world, and ending up with a product that is at the height of luxury. Cote Noires range includes candles, diffusers, body creams, perfumes, scented flowers and more - mostly comprised of scent related products, which they now have down to an art of perfection.

cote noire scented flower

A big selling point of the Cote Noire brand is that all of their perfumes and scents originate in france, which have been inspired by the dream of trying to capture the essence of french life.

While making waves worldwide, Cote Noire also manages to use recycled materials and focuses on renewable ingredients where possible. Packaging efforts related to this include recycled foam, cardboard and glass - along with even recycled cotton being used in their carry bags.

Cote Noire is one of the star brands we have at Lillianna and is a brand we can rely on to impress customers with every gift.