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Cristina Re has quite the history and story to tell, and without this her current inspiration for her designs would not be able to shine as brightly as they do today. A worldwide trend that started in with Cristina Re being born in Rome. Having recently migrated to Australia at 13 - she then undertook studies in a renowned art school in Italy where the histories and skills of the wonders of art further fulled her passion for creation. Little did she know of the luxury Cups range she would create later in life...
Cristina Re Mug
Later after graduating from university in Melbourne, Cristina started to plan her own business which intially started as a design and photography studio and quickly became one of the first female wedding photographers in Australia and further strengthening her career with numerous awards for her unique design elements and the ability to capture special wedding moments in a way that only she could.

Personalised invitations soon became an interest of Cristina Re, which then turned into a full fleged business once it was discovered that her designs were more than appreciated in the stationary market.
cristina re boutique
Down the line, 'Where A Girl Goes' was her flagship boutique launched in 2009 with the aim of creating a shopping destination aimed purely at the female market that caters to the visionary senses. A stylish store was married with high tea to create something unique and special that allowed women to celebrate friendship, fashion and femininity.

From here, the rest is history and we now have over 500 unique tea and glassware creations from Cristina Re that have been inspired over the years by her continual growth and obervations during her time in business, ever chasing the urge to make women feel inspired, uplifted, and taking care of their own wellbeing.