Aromart Candle Pear & Cherry Blossom

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Aromart Candle Pear & Cherry Blossom 350g is a scented candle that combines the fragrances of ripe pears and cherry blossoms. The candle is made by Aromart, a company that specializes in creating high-quality candles with unique and appealing scents. The candle is packaged in a sturdy jar and weighs 350g, providing a long-lasting fragrance experience. The non-toxic wax blend used in the candle is designed to produce a clean burn, filling your home with the fresh and fruity scent of pears and the delicate and floral scent of cherry blossoms. This fragrance combination is a popular choice for those seeking to create a refreshing and invigorating atmosphere in their home.

Aromart candles, much like their diffusers - come in 6 wonderful and popular scents that will fill your room with fragrance and warmth. With a classic and simple clear class design and font, this is easy to place in any space and will last for hours upon hours, providing excellent value as either a gift or a present to yourself.

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Natalie Abdennour
Delicious I could eat it

So fresh and fills the air of the scent, but not very strong, it doesn’t smell so much like pear and cherry but it’s beautiful anyway.

Aromart Candle Pear & Cherry Blssom

Love the aroma of this candle & love how easy it has been to order & receive from Lillianna Gifts. I will certainly buy from them again

Beautiful aroma. Really generous size.

The candle has a subtle scent. Exactly what I expected and wanted. The candle is large. Easy to light.

Tina Romonika

Lillianna Candles website is intuitive, easy to navigate and fun to visit again and again

Fay Dannis King

I am burning Pear and Cherry now. I love the pear. Even though I live in Bondi, I am still two hours from the farm. Pears makes me feel like I am at the garden, plus another benefit, my 11 year old black lab, Kiowa (graduation picture below) just finished 19 sessions of radiation for a soft tissue sarcoma stage 1 cancer cell in his right leg and I want to keep him and my other dogs around as long as possible so, the clean natural soy is a way to go for me. Thank you Armart for making such an awesome product. I am on my last candle from my last order, so I will need to stock up again

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