Aromart diffuser Sweet Lemongrass

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Made in the highest quality and with the finest oils, which is apparent when taking the first smell of any scent within the Aromart diffuser range. When placed in the bathroom, this diffuser will provide up to 3 months of scented bliss.

Aromart Diffuser Sweet Lemongrass is a fragrant oil diffuser that has a capacity of 150ml. It likely has a scent of sweet lemongrass, giving off a fresh and citrusy aroma. The diffuser works by using a diffuser reed or heat to vaporize the fragrant oil and spread the scent throughout a room. The use of essential oils or fragrance oils in diffusers is a popular way of creating a relaxing and aromatic environment.

Set up is easy, just remove the stopper on the bottle and insert the reeds. It can be a good idea to rotate them every week or so.

Product Information

Aromart 150ml Reed Diffuser

Size: 7.2 x 9.7cm

Reeds: 6

Carton Size: 6/12

Fragrance: Sweet Lemongrass

Ingredients: Fragranced Oil & Solvents

Customer Reviews

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Love this

Aromart diffuser Sweet Lemongrass

absolutely love this, Unbelievably beautiful scent. Great service as always from Lilliana

Oluwatosin Ajila
Aromart reed diffuser lemongrass

I loveeeeeeee it so much .It's luxury and fresh
Every home must have atleast one or more😍

Coralanne Harris
Diffuser- lemongrass

As soon as you walk in the room you instantly smell the fresh sweet lemon grass, long-lasting and so fragrant. Love ❤️

lynette white
Click rating one star by accident

Will buy again service excellent packaged so carefully. Thank you

HI Lynette

thank you so much for your comment, did you gave 1 start review by accident mistake?

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