Cote Noire Candle Jasmine Flower

Size: 75g
Sale price$29.95


Jasmine, Hibiscus, Musk Rose and Crushed Green Leaves all come together in an inspired blend by Cote Noire that will fill your space with a blissful scent.

These wonderful and limited edition candles are hand crafted from Ecoluce Wax to allow for beautiful and sophisticated fragraces that are many steps up above your usual candle.

Ecoluce-wax is a high grade wax that is biofriendly, biodegradable, renewable and also most importantly, natural. A blend that takes the best traits of Newzealand Beeswax, Thai coconut wax and then finally American soy wax.

This special wax features an incredibly even and clean burn that allows the fragrance to shine through!

Product Information

Burn Time: 60 Hours
Made From:

Burn Time: 
Made From: 

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