Mikko Offical Japan - Plush 15cm - Gift box included

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Mousse the White Cat (15cm): Meet Mousse, the charming white cat from Mikko's enchanting world. Standing at 15cm, Mousse is a cuddly companion with an extra touch of elegance - adorned with a stylish pink scarf. Packaged in a beautiful Mikko gift box measuring 24 x 14 x 17cm, Mousse is ready to steal your heart. With a dream of becoming a cute and fashionable girl, Mousse is the object of admiration for the girls she lives with. She's a bit clumsy but always trying her best, a shy and bashful sweetheart. Mousse loves the cafe lattes that Latte makes, making her a delightful addition to any collection. Celebrate Mousse's birthday on April 25th!

Latte the Bear (15cm): Indulge in the warmth and sweetness of Latte, the adorable bear by Mikko. Latte, at 15cm, is not just a cuddly friend but a skilled barista who excels at making cafe lattes. Dressed in a lovely blue scarf, Latte comes packaged in a Mikko gift box measuring 24 x 14 x 17cm, making her a delightful gift. Latte has a sweet tooth and enjoys baking sweets with her human friends. Despite being a bit of a softie, she tends to put on a strong front. Latte dreams of opening her own cafe in the future. Latte's birthday is on June 9th.

Souffle the Dog (15cm): Unleash joy with Souffle, the delightful dog from Mikko's playful world. Souffle, with a yellow bow atop her head, is a charming 15cm plush companion. She treasures a teddy bear gifted by a girl and is always by her side. Souffle loves her afternoon naps, and her easygoing and laid-back nature makes her an absolute sweetheart. A bit of a daydreamer, Souffle was born on December 14th. Packaged in a beautiful Mikko gift box (24 x 14 x 17cm), Souffle is ready to bring joy to your doorstep.

Cammy the Rabbit (15cm): Hop into happiness with Cammy, the lovable rabbit from Mikko's enchanting realm. Cammy, a 15cm pink rabbit, is a fashionista with big innocent ears and a pink bow around her neck. She adores shopping and is an expert in all things stylish – ask Cammy for fashion advice! Lately, she's been experimenting with makeup. Cammy is everyone's idol, radiating positivity and sociability. Despite her innocent appearance, she has a mischievous side. Celebrate Cammy's birthday on November 8th. Each Cammy plush comes nestled in a stunning Mikko gift box (24 x 14 x 17cm).

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Super cute Mikko Soufflé plush! 💖

The literal cutest! She is so soft and cuddly, like she is my own child ❤️ The plushie came with additional prints and an adorable pink gift box. Extremely fast delivery and can’t wait to have the whole collection! Will definitely be purchasing again soon 🥰💗

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